One Choice Changes Everything


Revolution 60 is a breakthrough game for iPad, using the strength of the touch interface to tell a short, intense story. It features gorgeous animations using the Unreal engine and has gameplay that is accessible to the casual iOS user. It is fully voice acted, starring anime legend Amanda Winn-Lee of Evangelion.

The game is a deliberate mixture of two games, Heavy Rain and Mass Effect. Players will control Holiday, a trained assassin using intuitive gestures with the touchscreen. They will make the decisions that will make her mission to N313 succeed or fail. Players will make moral choices and live with the consequences. Will they side with Minuete, the rogue commander hellbent on completing her mission? Or with Amelia, the engineer determined to figure out what went wrong?

Revolution 60. One choice changes everything. Coming March 2014. Yeah!

Stunning Graphics

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Revolution 60 pushes the envelope of what's possible on iOS. The game features characters with full facial animation, detailed science-fiction sets, and stunning spaceship design. The player will step place into a lovingly-created world.

Story-driven Gameplay

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In the future, an American orbital weapons platform has drifted off course, causing a diplomatic incident. A team of female special operatives must steal a space shuttle and stop the weapon from firing - but all is not as it seems. If you fail this mission, it will mean an all-out nuclear war.

Intuitive Touch Controls

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We believe that successful iOS games capitalize on the intimacy of the touch interface. In Revolution 60 you will swipe your way through combat, circle through the dialogue wheel and mimic actions you want your character to reflect.

Every Ending is Different

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Have your friends played Revolution 60? Chances are, you're going to have different endings. How you interact with your teammates will have huge implications in your mission outcome. This is the interactive movie we’ve been waiting for.
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